15 Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’

The Rolex GMT Master II is probably one of the most desired GMT watches in the world. The variant with the red and blue bezel (the ‘Pepsi’ dial) is especially coveted by many. However, are there more affordable alternatives to it? We present to you 15 affordable alternatives to Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi.’


Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Best material, history, aesthetics, and recognition.


Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Inspired look, affordable pricing.


Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Close to the original in look.

These watches cover many tastes. You may find luxury brands with similar design elements to the Rolex GMT Pepsi. You may also find homage brands of all quality and performance.

Some watches go maximum on the looks but are not given high specifications to make the watch super affordable. 

We also see fit to include price points, as described below:

LabelPrice Range
$Under $200
$$$200 – $499
$$$$500 – $799
$$$$$800 – $999
$$$$$Over $1,000

Aside from the Rolex GMT, we have also shared lists of watches that look like the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, Rolex Submariner, and Tudor Black Bay.

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15 Affordable Alternatives to Rolex GMT Master II ‘Pepsi’

Invicta Pro Diver 30619 $

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Invicta is a known maker of fashionable watches at an affordable price. It also carries homage models, and this Pro Diver 30619 is their attempt to create a lookalike of the Rolex GMT. 

The watch is large, at 43mm. The GMT look is primarily from the red and blue bezel, with a dive watch design. The hands are also similar to the Rolex. 

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The movement powering the watch is Japanese quartz. The watch is given a mineral crystal and a stainless steel jubilee bracelet.

This watch, however, does not have the GMT complication and merely functions as a dive watch with 100M water resistance. 

Tudor Black Bay GMT $$$$$

If Rolex is too expensive, yet you still want something classy on your wrist, a Tudor Black Bay GMT (Ref: 79830RB-0001) might work out for you. 

Priced below $5,000, it is much more affordable than the original GMT, minus the long waiting list. You are also getting the most ‘proper’ homage for Rolex GMT since Tudor is part of the Rolex group. 

This watch is powered by Tudor’s in-house, COSC-certified movement, which is much more accurate and reliable in keeping time. The red and blue bezel and dive watch casing give the watch a strong GMT look. 

The watch also has the GMT complication, sapphire crystal, and stainless steel bracelet. It is also water-resistant up to 200M (660ft.)

Time Warrior GMT $

Time Warrior is a homage watchmaker, making reliable quartz-based watches. Their models tend to take inspiration from iconic Swiss and Japanese models. 

The Time Warrior GMT is their take on the Rolex GMT. The outward appearance is almost similar – the red and blue bezel with similar letterings, the hands, and the hour markers. The bracelet is also in jubilee style.

You even get a ceramic bezel. The only difference is the logo on the watch dial; you get quartz instead of automatic movement. But the nice thing about this watch is that you have a Ronda quartz movement ticking inside with a GMT function. 

Tag Heuer Aquaracer GMT $$$$$

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

If you prefer a GMT watch with the DNA of the Rolex GMT that has its own design and look, then the Tag Heuer Aquaracer GMT could be a good choice for you. Plus, it comes from a reputable watch brand as well. 

The 43mm case is topped off by a red and blue bezel but with a uniquely designed dodecagon (12-sided polygon) shape. The watch also features a GMT function.

The watch case and bracelet are made with 316 stainless steel, with 300M water resistance (1000ft). This makes the watch suitable for serious water activities. 

The watch is powered by a reliable Tag Heuer’s own Caliber 7 automatic movement, with 50 hours of power reserve. It is also given sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. 

You can also customize this watch with a selection of steel, rubber, or leather strap.

Pagani Design PD-1662-3-5Z $

Pagani Design is one of our favorite Chinese homage watchmakers, making great homages to iconic watches from the world of Horology. This model is their take on the Rolex GMT. 

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On the outward appearance, you do not see anything different from the original. The bezel, dial, and hands are identical, except for the logo on the watch face. 

The watch also comes with sapphire crystal, stainless steel jubilee bracelet, and a 100M (330ft) water resistance. 

However, you get an aluminum bezel instead of ceramic on the original. The movement ticking inside is also a Chinese automatic movement, which may be a turn-off to some. If movement origin is something you care about, then this watch might not work for you. 

Stuhrling Meridian GMT $

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Stuhrling is a US-based watchmaker. It was started in 1999 to prove that tourbillon watches could be made outside of Switzerland cheaply. 

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Stuhrling is also known to be a maker of great homage watches, and the Stuhrling GMT definitely is a homage to the Rolex GMT.

The watch has an identical outward appearance to the Rolex GMT. The bezel design, color, and letterings look identical to the original. So are the dial, hands, and hour markers. 

Even the crown guards and crowns are identical. The watch also comes with a cyclops magnifier, similar to the original. 

The differences lie in the details. Aside from the logo on the watch dial, you also do not see wordings on the inner bezel ring on the Stuhrling. The watch gets a Krysterna mineral crystal instead of sapphire as well. 

The watch does have GMT functions and is water-resistant to 100M (330ft.)

Tisell Automatic Diver GMT Pepsi $$

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Tisell is a famous homage watchmaker based in South Korea. It is also one of our favorite homage watchmakers out there. 

The watch does not look too far different from the original – The bezel is red and blue, with similar lettering. The hands and the hour markers all have a similar appearance. You get an oyster-type bracelet with this watch.

Ticking inside is an HG 6460-2836 automatic movement from Hangzhou Watch Company. This is a bit of an anomaly, as most Tisell watches are given a Japanese movement. 

Perhaps Tisell needs a movement with GMT function, so it opted for a Chinese movement to keep costs low.  

The watch has 200M (660ft) water resistance and sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

Mathey-Tissot H903AR $$

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Not to be confused with Tissot, Mathey-Tissot is a Swiss watchmaker. It is known for its quality yet affordable watches. It is not related to Tissot. 

With Mathey-Tissot’s H903AR, you get a Rolex GMT lookalike that is Swiss Made at an affordable price. This is quite a remarkable combination and something you should consider.

The watch has a Ronda 515 H24 quartz movement with a GMT function. It also comes with a jubilee bracelet with 100M (330ft) water resistance. You can also opt for an automatic version, at close to $1,500.

Rotary Henley GMT $$

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Rotary is a British watchmaking company known for its simple, timeless dress watches. Most of their watches are manufactured in Asia, although they also have Swiss-made models. 

The Henley carries the look of the Rolex GMT with its own unique design cues. The bezel maintains the red and blue color, although the letterings are smaller and use a simpler font. 

The hands are also more straightforward, sword-style than the Mercedes-style you see in Rolex GMT. 

Powering the watch is a quartz movement with GMT function. The watch is also given sapphire crystal, with 100M (330ft) water resistance. 

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Loreo Holuns G8632 $

Loreo is a Chinese homage watchmaker well known for producing great homages to the Rolex Submariner. 

Here we feature their sister brand, Holuns. The G8632 definitely is made to look like a Rolex GMT. The blue and red bezel, Mercedes-style hands, and the hour markers are taken straight from the Rolex GMT. The bezel is also made of ceramic. 

Powering the watch is an automatic movement, with hand winding and hacking. The watch also comes with 100M (330ft) water resistance, making it suitable for diving.

San Martin SN015G $$

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

San Martin is another of our preferred homage watchmakers. Based in China, San Martin surprisingly uses Swiss parts to make their watches. You get Swiss movements, Swiss lumes such as the BGW Superluminova with their watches. 

The SN015G continues that concept. The only way you would notice that it is not a Rolex GMT is through the logo on the watch dial. The rest are identical. Jubilee bracelet, ceramic bezel with red and blue finishing, Mercedes style hands, down to the cyclops magnifier. 

However, since the watch movement requires a GMT function, San Martin added the Hangzhou 6460 movement into the watch. The movement has 25 jewels and beats at 28,800 BPH. This should mean a smooth sweeping second hand, similar to the original Rolex. 

However, this watch may not work for you if you are concerned with movement origin. The watch comes with a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflecting coating and water resistance of 200M (660ft.) 

Steinhart 39 GMT Blue-Red $$$

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

Steinhart is a German watchmaking company also known for creating great homages of iconic Swiss models. If quality homage is what you are looking for, you would rarely be disappointed with Steinhart. 

The 39 GMT Blue-Red continues that tradition. Externally, you cannot tell if there’s any difference between the watch and the original Rolex GMT. The bezel is also made from ceramic, similar to the original. 

Again, the logo on the dial is the only way you can tell that it is not a Rolex. The bracelet is not jubilee type, but oyster. However, you can also request an oyster bracelet when purchasing the Rolex GMT. The crown guard is also more prominent on the Steinhart than on the original. 

Powering the watch is a Sellita SW330, A Swiss movement with GMT function, hand winding, and hacking. The watch is also given sapphire crystal with an anti-reflecting coating and has a water resistance of 300M (1000ft.)

Tesen GMT Master $

Tesen is a Chinese homage watchmaker focusing on producing homage dive watches. 

The Tesen GMT Master is their take on homages for the Rolex GMT. The watch carries the Rolex GMT look, although it does not copy it to an exact lookalike. 

For example, the red and blue bezel colors are designed to have a smoother color transition than the original Rolex. The crown guard is also more prominent on the Tesen than the Rolex GMT.

Powering the watch is an automatic Pearl DG5833 movement with GMT functionality from China. The watch is given stainless steel jubilee bracelet, sapphire crystal, and 100M (330ft.) water resistance.

At the price of under $100, this might just be the watch if you are concerned about pricing.

U1001 U6510 GMT $

Affordable Alternatives To Rolex GMT 'Pepsi'

At $85 (at the time of writing), the U1001’s U6510 GMT watch has got to be our most affordable alternative on this list. 

The best thing about the U1001 is the watch looks like a Rolex GMT Pepsi. Coin-edges bezel with red-blue color, identical letterings, and hour markers. The Mercedes-style hands also look similar to the original Rolex. 

You even get an automatic movement with GMT, although the movement would be from China. This may work well for you if you do not mind too much about movement origin. 

However, something has to give at such a price and with such generous specifications. And it shows in the water resistance department. 

It is designed to only have a water resistance of 10M (33ft.), meaning the watch can only survive hand-washing and occasional playtime by the pool. 

Therefore this watch can only serve as a wrist candy and not be taken into the water for some actual deep water activity.

Oceaneva GMT Deep Marine Explorer $$

Rounding up the list is Oceaneva, a US-based watch company focusing on making dive watches. 

If you review their collections, you will notice that most of their models are homages of iconic Swiss watches. 

The Oceaneva GMT looks like a Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi.’ However, Oceaneva gave the watch a new dimension by making it a tougher dive watch. 

The original Rolex GMT has a water resistance of 100M (330ft). Still, Oceaneva’s GMT can go as deep as 1250M (4101ft), making it outperform the Rolex massively.

However, the watch runs a Ronda Swiss quartz movement with a GMT function. This watch may not work well for you if you prefer the sweeping second-hand.  

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