11 Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

With its mesmerizing gold and black dial, the Tudor Black Bay is one of those ‘holy grail’ watches many lusts after. Suppose you are unwilling to fork out too much money to own the original. In that case, we present 11 affordable lookalikes to Tudor Black Bay.


Best material, history, aesthetics, and recognition.


Inspired look, affordable pricing.


Close to the original in look.

  1. NTH Barracuda
  2. Corgeut Black Bay
  3. Seiko SRP775J1
  4. Neymar Dive Watch
  5. Lorier Neptune Series III
  6. Benyar Black Bay 58
  7. Bulova Marine Star 98B203
  8. Oris Sixty-Five Bronze Bezel
  9. Aquatico Sea Star
  10. Pagani Design Black Bay
  11. Parnis PA0109

These watches share a similar black, gold, silver, and red color combination as the original Black Bay. Some watches here also sport the same snowflake hands from the original Black Bay.

Some watches carry a look inspired by the watch. At the same time, some are made to look almost identical to the original Black Bay, with different branding to make it a homage. 

Aside from the Black Bay, we have also shared lists of watches that look like the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, Rolex Datejust, and the Rolex Submariner

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

These watches were selected based on their likeness to the Black Bay. We focused on picking watches with Black Bay-like designs and color combinations.

We also see fit to include price points, as described below:

LabelPrice Range
$Under $200
$$$201 – $500
$$$$501 – $800
$$$$$801 – $1000
$$$$$Over $1,000

NTH Barracuda $$$ 

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

The NTH Barracuda is a US-based watchmaker focusing on producing great-looking dive and sports watches. 

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Several of their models could be considered homages. For example, their 2K1 Sub watches look like a Longines Hydroconquest and Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. 

The Barracuda, however, has the design elements taken almost straight out from the Black Bay. 

Its vintage black model has the same color combination of black, gold, and silver, with the snowflake hands similar to the original. It also features a coined edge bezel, a feature in the Black Bay. 

The only radically different part is that, unlike the original, the NTH Barracuda’s case has a crown protector built-in. The Black Bay does not have a crown protector.

The watch case and bracelet are 316 stainless steel, with 300M water resistance. This makes the watch suitable for serious diving activities. 

The watch is powered by a reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement, with 42 hours of power reserve. It is also given sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

Corgeut Black Bay $

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

One of the best-valued lookalike in this list. The watch is built to look as close as possible to the original Black Bay, and it shows. 

The dial and bezel have a similar color combination as Black Bay. The snowflake hands are made with similar measurements with identical hour markers. The bezels are also coin-edged, just like the original. 

Perhaps the only thing that is not similar to the original is the wordings on the dial. Instead of Tudor and the ‘Chronometer Certified’ label, you get the Corgeut logo and ‘rotor, self-winding’ printed on the dial, similar to older Black Bays.

You also get a leather strap instead of a bracelet. The triangle on the unidirectional rotating bezel is silver instead of reading on the original.

The watch is powered by the Miyota 8215, a workhouse movement in many automatic watches. It’s protected by a sapphire crystal and has a 200M (660ft) water resistance. 

Seiko SRP775J1 $$$

This watch is essentially a JDM Seiko ‘turtle’ but with a color scheme similar to the Tudor Black Bay. 

This means you get the best of both worlds, the reputation, reliability, and popularity of the Seiko Turtle and the look and feel of the Tudor Black Bay.

Seiko changed the hands to gold to create that Black Bay feel and used a darker dial color. The hour markers were given gold outlines, and the numbers and dots on the bezel were also printed in gold. 

The rest remains essentially a Seiko Turtle. It retains the unique case shape, with the crown remaining at 4 o’clock. It still sports Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal.

The watch is powered by Seiko’s 4R36 movement, seen in many Presage and Prospex models. The watch has a 41-hour power reserve, which is excellent for daily wear. 

Neymar Dive Watch $

Neymar is also one of the up-and-coming Chinese homage makers, pushing out homages for iconic Swiss and Japanese watches.

This particular dive watch is made to look like two models. If you have a keen eye, you would know that the design is Rolex Explorer-like, but the color schemes are similar to the Black Bay. 

The Mercedes-style hands and the Arabic number hour markers at the 6 and 9 o’clock positions are a dead giveaway of its Explorer-inspired design. The unidirectional rotating bezel looks straight out of a Submariner. 

However, the color combination finally made this watch feel like a Black Bay. Black, gold, and silver. 

The watch is powered by Seiko’s NH35 movement, similar to the 4R35. It has 300M (1000ft) water resistance and is also given a sapphire crystal.

Lorier Neptune Series III $$

Lorier is an American watch company based in New York City. This microbrand, for now, produces retro and vintage-inspired watches, with their models carrying hints of iconic Swiss models. 

The Neptune can be seen as a more modern, elegant take on the black and gold look of the Black Bay. Instead of the snowflake hands, you get pointed hands that remind you of the precision of modern watches. 

The dial is also clean and minimal, with a very wrist-friendly size of 39mm. The color scheme of the whole watch is why it made this list, as its black, gold, and red combination makes it feel like a Black Bay.

It runs a Miyota 90S5 automatic movement, an automatic popular movement used in many watches. It has 200M (660ft.) water resistance and sapphire crystal. 

Benyar BY5179 $

Benyar is another Chinese homage watchmaker. They are less known, but their very affordable price made it a contender in this list. 

The BY5179, for example, is priced around $60+- at the time of writing. This made it one of, if not the cheapest, models on offer in this list. 

Despite the price, the watch punches more than its weight. It features the snowflake hands and has a black, gold, and silver combination similar to the original. 

The watch also comes with a Japanese automatic movement, a Hardlex crystal, and a 100M (330ft.) water resistance. 

However, suppose you are looking for the closest lookalike. In that case, you might be better off with the Pagani Design or the Corgeut, as this watch may have some design differences. For example, the hour markers are not the same as the original Black Bay.

Oris Sixty-Five Bronze Bezel $$$$$

If you are looking for something with the same look and feel like the Black Bay yet still want to appear with a good watchmaker brand, you will be alright with an Oris 65. 

Oris is a proper watchmaking house based in Switzerland and has remained fiercely independent. Its dive watches are of particular interest to many, especially the Oris 65. 

This model features a retro, vintage-like color combination similar to the Tudor Black Bay. The watch carries a uni-rotating bezel with coin edging. 

The similarity ends there. From that point onwards, Oris 65 is its own watch, with its own design. The bezel is thinner. The hands are not the ‘snowflake’ type, nor does it comes with a bracelet, but a leather strap. 

However, as it comes from Oris, you can get yourself a Tudor Black Bay lookalike from a reputable watch brand at a lower price. 

Aquatico Sea Star $$

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

Aquatico is also another up-and-coming homage watchmaker based in China. They seem to focus more on dive watches, producing watches based on iconic Swiss and Japanese watches. 

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The Sea Star is also not a direct homage to the Black Bay but seems to carry design elements from several models. The bezel carries a Doxa style design, while the hands are reminiscent of Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms. 

However, the color combination of black gold and silver made the watch Tudor Black Bay inspired. The snowflake-style hands are also identical. The crown is also unprotected at the 3 o’clock position, similar to the original Black Bay.

The watch is generously given a ceramic bezel insert and double-domed sapphire crystal. The watch is powered by Seiko’s NH35 movement, similar to the 4R36. 

The watch is a true diver with a water resistance of 300M (1000ft.)

Pagani Design Black Bay $

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

Pagani Design is one of our favorite Chinese homage watchmakers, making great homages to iconic watches from the world of Horology. 

This is their take on the Tudor Black Bay. It does not seem to be a very close lookalike to Black Bay, as it carries its own design elements that make it slightly different. 

The snowflake hands are similar to the original Black Bay, with the color combinations on the dial and bezels. The bezel, like the original, has coin edges as well.

However, the dial does not have a smooth surface like in the original. Instead, you get a machined surface slightly similar to the Tissot PRX. The hour markers are not in round dots but squarish. In addition, instead of a bracelet, you get a leather strap. 

The Seiko NH35 (4R36) movement, used in many automatic watches, powers the watch. It is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and is protected by a sapphire crystal.

Parnis PA-0109 $

Affordable Lookalikes To Tudor Black Bay

Parnis is a famous homage watchmaker based in China. It is also one of our favorite homage watchmakers out there. 

The PA0109 can be seen to have design cues from both the Rolex Submariner and the Tudor Black Bay. 

The color combination and the oversized, unprotected crown are definitely Tudor Black Bay. The Mercedes-style hands are definitely Submariner.

The watch is powered by Miyota 8215 movement, common in many automatic watches. It is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and is protected by a sapphire crystal.

About Tudor Black Bay

The Black Bay is a line of dive watches from Tudor. Tudor is a sister company of Rolex and is focused on producing more affordable watches that carry the look of Rolexes. 

As a result, you may find Tudor’s watches looking slightly Rolex-ish but at a lower price. The Tudor Black Bays are seen as inspired by the Rolex Submariner. It is heavily inspired by Tudor’s historical watches. 

The watch’s case shape and sizes are based on the earlier models made by Tudor. The unique crown is based on the ref. 7924 dive watch from 1958, better known as the ‘Big Crown.’ 

Its unique hands are called ‘Snowflake’ (not to be confused with Seiko’s ‘snowflake’ dial) and are based on Tudor watches used by the French Navy in the 1970s.

Since 2015, Tudor Black Bays have been powered by Tudor’s in-house MT5602 movement. Previous Black Bays run an ETA-based movement. 

The MT5602 movement has a power reserve of 70 hours, meaning it can be taken off on Friday and put on again on Monday without losing time. 

The movement is also COSC certified, meaning accuracy at the highest order. The watch also has a frequency of 28,800BPH, meaning a smooth secondhand sweep to your eyes. 

What’s The Difference Between Black Bay and Black Bay 58?

Generally, Tudor Black Bays have a diameter of 41mm, while the Black Bay 58 at 39mm. The Black Bay was created to modernize Tudor’s vintage divers. Black Bay 58, however, is the modern Black Bay with a vintage/retro touch. 

The Black Bay was launched in 2012, inspired by Tudor’s old Submariner dive watches. The watches were given a modern redesign and released to public fanfare. 

The Black Bay remains Tudor’s best-selling watch collection today. 

The Black Bay 58 was released later in 2018. The designs are more retro and vintage-like, unlike the more modern Black Bays. 

It also has a smaller case size of 39mm, close to the older dive and sports watches of the 1950s and 1960s. 

Why Is The Tudor Black Bay 58 So Popular?

Tudor Black Bay 58 exploded in popularity due to its brand, size, price, and look. The Black Bay 58 is a variation of the already popular Black Bay collection. Its smaller size is more wrist-friendly, and it has a lower MSRP than the original Black Bay.

Black Bay 58 was released in 2018 as a new collection to complement the Black Bay, to instant success. 

Many Black Bay fans love the watch yet find the 41mm case too big for their wrist. Black Bay 58’s 39mm case size appeals directly to these buyers, helping it grow. 

Black Bay 58 also has a more vintage design that appeals to many watch enthusiasts. The color combination in Black Bay is not commonly seen in the market.

Finally, Black Bay 58 has a lower price tag than the original Black Bay, making it appeal instantly to those with a tighter budget.

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