13 Best Homage Watch Brands [Affordable]

Homage watches are great alternatives to the often expensive original watches. They are affordable, ethical, and legal as well. But where do we go hunting for homages? What are the best homage watch brands?

The best homage watch brands could be Davosa, Tisell, Pagani Design, Steinhart, etc. Major watch brands such as Seiko, Orient, and Stührling also make homage watches. However, they mainly focus on their own design. Most homage watches run reputable Swiss, Japanese, or Chinese movements. 

Best Homage Watch Brands

This post will look at 13 major and popular homage watch companies that you can go shopping for homages of your favorite iconic watches. 

We also listed out the brands and models they cover, and their price ranges. Do take note that prices are correct at the time of writing, and may change anytime.

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BrandOriginHas Homages ForPrice
TisellSouth KoreaRolex, Omega, Fliegers$235 – $350
SteinhartGermanyRolex, Omega, Fliegers$450 – $1,550
AlphaHong KongRolex, Omega, Tag Heuer$70 – $165
ParnisChinaRolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, A.Lange & Söhne$95 – $255
Dan HenryUSAHomages based on eras, not models $270 – $350
CadisenChinaRolex, Omega, NOMOS, Audemars Piguet$48 – $160
DavosaSwitzerlandRolex, Omega, IWC$669 – $1,798
San MartinChinaRolex, Omega, Seiko, Blancpain$118 – $1,550
GinaultUSARolex$1,039 – $1,799
Pagani DesignChinaRolex, Tudor, Omega, Seiko, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Longines$36 – $169
NTHUSATudor, Doxa$550 – $750
HagerUSARolex, Omega, Panerai, Bell & Ross$550 – $2,800
Homage brands, their origins, brands they make homages for, and their price range.


Best Homage Watch Brands

Tisell is an homage watch company based in South Korea. The company claims to have its designs from a famous Korean watchmaker, Mr. Oh Chang Do. 

Their European office is in the Czech Republic, which means if you are to order a Tisell, it will be shipped from there, not South Korea.

When reviewing their lineup, you can notice many homage watches based on Rolex. They also have an extensive lineup of Flieger watches as well. 

Many of Tisell’s watch models also take after the original model it pays homage to. For example, the Tisell 9015 Explorer is a homage to the Rolex Explorer. The Tissel Automatic GMT is a homage to the Rolex GMT. 

You can even choose between the Batman (blue/black bezel), Pepsi (red/blue bezel), or Hulk (green bezel). 

The watches run mainly movements from Japan (Miyota) or Sellita (Swiss), although you will also find Chinese movements. If movement origins matter to you, take note of the movements on the product description when you shop. 

These watches are priced around $235 to $350, putting them in an affordable range. The watches come with a 24-month warranty as well.


Best Homage Watch Brands

Steinhart is another popular and known homage maker based in Stadtbergen, Germany. When checking their lineup, they offer a variety of watches, from dive, pilot, chronographs, etc.

Most watches are homages of Rolex, Omega, and to some extent, Tudor. Homages for usual iconic models are well represented here – Rolex Submariner, Rolex Explorer, Rolex GMT, Rolex Daytona, Omega Planet Ocean, Fliegers, etc. 

Steinhart’s watches usually run Swiss-based movements from ETA and Sellita. More premium materials, such as 904L stainless steel, are also used instead of the standard 316L. Watches are given sapphire crystals with Superluminova lumes.

Steinhart’s watches could be considered more premium homages, which explains why their prices are higher than usual, from $450 to about $1550. 

It is commonly said that the best Rolex Submariner homage is the Steinhart Ocean One (pictured above) It even comes with a ceramic bezel, something not many homage makers offer. 

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Best Homage Watch Brands

Alpha is an online-based homage maker based in Hong Kong. It, however, has a European authorized dealer, meaning that if you are to shop from Alpha, you do not have to order from Hong Kong. 

Alpha’s homage collections also target the common iconic models:

  • Rolex (Submariner, Explorer, Daytone, Datejust)
  • Omega (Planet Ocean, Speedmaster)
  • Tag Heuer (Camaro)

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The Rolex Daytona seems to be given a heavy focus, with multiple dial variations and options available. The Omega Speedmaster comes with many variations as well. 

Aside from these homages, Alpha also offers skeleton, quartz, and ladies’ watches. You can also purchase watch parts from the website, making it easy for any watchmakers to service your Alpha later. 

Most Alpha’s homages are given a Chinese Seagull movement, 316L stainless steel, and sapphire crystals. This explains their lower price of between $70 to $165.


Best Homage Watch Brands

Parnis is a Chinese homage watchmaker based in Guangzhou, China. The company started operations in 2015 and has since established its reputation as one of the best value-for-money homage makers in the market. 

Parnis has an extensive collection of homages, from your common luxury models to the ultra-luxury ones:

  • Rolex Daytona
  • Rolex Submariner
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus
  • Rolex GMT
  • Rolex Datejust
  • Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece
  • Omega Aqua Terra
  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

They also offer watches with no brand names, meaning the watch would not even carry the ‘Parnis’ logo on the dial, in case you prefer a homage with no brand. 

The watches are usually given a Japanese movement. However, Parnis does not detail the makers of the movement, only showing the ‘Japan movement’ label on their product description. 

Some models do not carry the same ‘Japan movement’ label on the product descriptions, meaning these models probably have a Chinese movement. 

The watches are on the lower end in pricing, from $95 to $255. However, the watches are still given sapphire crystals and proper lumination treatment.

Dan Henry

Best Homage Watch Brands

If you like vintage, art-deco-style watches, keep your eyes peeled on Dan Henry. 

Dan Henry started off as a vintage watch collector, building over 1,500 pieces of vintage watches and sharing his information on Timeline.Watch. He later decided to reproduce some of these vintage models as limited edition watches and sell them under Dan Henry’s brand.

There are not many models on offer, but they are based on iconic old vintage models. For example, the 1947 is based on Omega’s cal. 331 bumper automatics from the ’40s and ’50s. The watch case is designed to be similar to Patek Philippe Calatrava. 

Another model is the 1962 Racing Chronograph, which carries a similar look to the Rolex Daytona and Omega Speedmaster. 

Dan Henry models are usually given the Seiko VK63 Meca-Quartz movement and finished with mineral instead of sapphire crystal. Dan Henry’s watches start from $270 – $350.


Best Homage Watch Brands

Cadisen is also another famous Chinese homage watchmaker based in Shenzhen. Their watch models are also extensive, covering a wide variety of popular and iconic models:

  • Rolex (Submariner, Datejust, GMT)
  • Omega (Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, DeVille)
  • Nomos Lambda
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Most Cadisen watches seem to be finished with sapphire crystal and made with solid materials such as 316 stainless steel.

These watches are given a mixture of movements, from Seiko to Miyota, and some also carry the Seagull movement. This should be a good thing, as these are very popular movements, meaning many watchmakers would know how to service them. 

However, if you prefer Japanese over Chinese movements, it pays to take note of the watch movement before purchasing. 

Cadisen’s watches start at $48 to $160.

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Best Homage Watch Brands

Davosa claims to be a Swiss watchmaking company with over 150 years of watchmaking. However, the company was only formed in its current name in 1993. 

However, their watches are Swiss Made, which means they still manufacture their watches in Switzerland. This is unlike brands such as Invicta or Festina that like to play up the Swiss heritage but make their watches in Asia. 

Their lineup of watches is also heavily based on homages, with the usual Rolex models included – GMT, Submariner, Daytona, etc. There are also models such as the Omega Planet Ocean, IWC military, and Flieger watches.

Davosa’s watches are Swiss Made, meaning 60% of the watch’s production is done in Switzerland. The watches are also using a Swiss movement, and the watches are encased and inspected in Switzerland. 

Davosa’s watches tend to run ETA-based movement, similar to many watch brands such as Omega, Tag Heuer, and Tissot. The watches also are given premium materials, such as sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Some models also are made of titanium.

These premium materials and production are reflected in their pricing. A Davosa watch starts at $699, with the most expensive model at $1798.

San Martin

San Martin watches are based in Dongguan, China. It is somewhat unique because it allows its customers to customize the movements inside their watch.

For example, when purchasing their SN800G, customers can choose between having a Swiss Sellita SW-200 movement or a PT5000 from HK Precision Hong Kong. The SN800G is a homage to the Tudor Black Bay. 

Prices will differ between the movements, with the Swiss movement making the watch more expensive. 

San Martin also makes homages to many models, such as those from Rolex and Omega. These are homages for the Seiko Tuna, Sumo, and Blancpain. 

Most homages are made with 316L stainless steel and given sapphire crystals and an anti-reflective coating. 

Their prices also reflect the quality of materials used on the models, ranging from $118 to $1,550. You can also purchase varieties of straps and watch parts from their online store.


Best Homage Watch Brands

Ginault is a micro homage watchmaker based in the US. As of now, it only offers two models – the Ginault Silent Service and the Ocean Rover. 

The Ocean Rover is based on the Rolex Submariner. At the same time, the Silent Service has its design elements modified from the Ocean Rover to be more sporty, active, and aggressive.

Ginault claims to use their own movement, the Ginault 7275. However, upon inspection, the Ginault 7275 is a clone of ETA 2824-2. This ETA 2824-2 is used in many Swiss watches, such as Tissot to Hamilton. Ginault made the right choice with the movement, as it is solid and robust. 

Ginault also claims to hand-build their watches, meaning you will have to pay a premium price and get into a queue to get your watches once you purchase. 

Ginault watches retail for around $1,039 – $1,799, depending on configuration and order period.

Pagani Design

Pagani Design is another up-and-coming homage watchmaker from China, based in Foshan, China. 

Aside from producing homage under Pagani Design, they also make homages under brands such as Lacz Denton, Benyar, and Duka. 

Pagani Design also carries an extensive design of homages, such as:

  • Rolex (Submariner, Datejust, GMT, Daytona)
  • Tudor (Black Bay)
  • Omega (Planet Ocean, DeVille)
  • Seiko (Samurai)
  • Audemars Piguet (Royal Oak)
  • Patek Philippe (Nautilus)
  • Tag Heuer (Carrera)
  • Panerai (Radomir)
  • Longines (Hydro Conquest)

These watches, in general, are powered by either Japanese or Chinese movements, with the more expensive models receiving Miyota movements. In contrast, the lower-priced models receive Seagull movements. 

There are also movements from other less known Chinese companies such as Hong Tai and Sunon. If you are particular about movement origins, take extra care when shopping for a Pagani Design homage. 

Pagani Designs’ watches retail from around $36 to $169, putting them well within the affordable homages range. 


Best Homage Watch Brands

NTH is a US-based homage watch company. NTH stands for Nod-To-History, which signals its intention to honor and pay homage to timepieces that have shaped our relationship with time. 

NTH also aims to be the Johnny Cash of watches, slightly ‘dangerous but unmistakable.’

They have homages to the Tudor Black Bay (the Näcken) and The Doxa Sub (Devil Ray) when reviewing their watch lineups. However, NTH makes many other watch models too. 

This makes NTH different from typical homage watch companies. It has its own design and does not leverage 100% from iconic models. 

The best thing about NTH watches is that they are truly functional. This means their divers can really go diving etc. Their 2K1 collection, for example, contains watches that can dive down to 2001 feet (610M).

NTH watches are given Japanese Miyota or Seiko movements, which is proof of their future reliability and serviceability. The watches are also given sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating for a premium feel. 

NTH watches retail from $550 to $750. However, many models were not given a price tag on the website, suggesting that interested customers contact licensed retailers instead. 


Loreo is another micro Chinese homage watchmaker, focusing on producing homages for one model. Give it a guess which one it is?

The Rolex Submariner, of course. 

The Loreo Submarino comes in multiple dial and bezel configurations. There is the Cola (black on the red bezel), Hulk (green), Kermit (green and black), Smurf (blue), as well as the Cookie Monster (blue on black). 

Loreo’s models are given a Seagull ST16 movement, which is not surprising given its price of only $115 per watch. 

However, the watches are functional, with 200M (656ft) water resistance. Meaning you can really take your Submarino to go diving. There are also options to have a leather strap with the watch instead of the classic steel bracelet.


Best Homage Watch Brands

Hager is also a new homage watchmaker based in Maryland, USA. The company was established in 2009. 

Hager does not carry many models but seems to have homage models for common and less common luxury watches. 

Aside from homages for Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT, or the Omega Planet Ocean, it also carries homages for other models such as Panerai Radomir and Bell and Ross BR03.

Hager also carries models with tourbillon, something rare for a small watch company, as tourbillon are known to be difficult and expensive to manufacture. This makes Hager join watchmakers such as Stührling to be able to offer tourbillon on their affordably-priced watches. 

Hager’s watches are made with 316L stainless steel and are given chiefly ETA-based movement. They are also encased with a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating for a premium finish. Most Hager’s watches are also Swiss Made. 

However, some models were given Miyota movement, so these watches are not Swiss Made. So if you are particular about the watch’s origin, take notice when shopping for watches with Hager. 

Hager’s watches retail from $550 to $2,800 for their tourbillon pocket watches. 

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