44 Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men in 2023

Here’s a fact – some of the best affordable watch brands for men are well under $1,000.  

Many think that the more expensive a watch is, the better it is. As a result, watches have become a place where ‘pissing contest’ is common. Everybody is trying to ‘get ahead’ by proving that their watch is more expensive than yours. 

Luxury watches have their own place and way of justifying their price tags. They are beautiful, exceptionally well made, and carry a piece of history you will be proud to be a part of.

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But if you know your watches, you know that there are excellent affordable watches out there.

These watches do not try to market their history or sell you some so-called ‘legendary’ stories and then jack up the price.

They instead focus on the things that matter – Building a finely crafted watch with excellent material that will last a lifetime. No fluff.

This article looks at the 44 best affordable watch brands for men in 2022 that your hard-earned money can buy and enjoy. 

The list is non-exhaustive, meaning more notable watchmakers could be added to the list.

Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Swiss Watches

Switzerland has always been the birthplace of watches. Many of the world’s most luxurious and illustrious watchmakers come from Switzerland. 

In fact, Swiss watches are seen as the ‘Gold Standard’ for watches, that if the watch is not Swiss made, it is of lower quality. This is also coupled with the fact that Swiss watches tend to carry a higher price tag. Hence it gives people this impression. 

However, Switzerland also plays host to many affordable watch brands for men. Many also are Swiss made, meaning they are designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1983

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Irony, Big Bold, New Gent

Price: Quartz from $50, Automatic from $120

Swatch could be seen as Switzerland’s answer to take on Timex, Citizen, and Casio. Some also see Swatch as the Swiss watch industry’s best response to the Quartz Crisis. 

Swatch is new, fresh, and does not carry ‘baggage’ from many Swiss watchmakers’ past. 

As a result, Swatch experimented with designs without holding back. Swatch produces watches with bold colors and a fun look, which is very different from the classic, serious designs typically associated with Swiss watches. 

They also released many limited edition watches featuring famous designers. The watches tend to feature Swiss quartz movements, with plastic or rubber watch bands. Their simple and clean design also made Swatch watches popular with nurses. 

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Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1881

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Heritage, Sports Collection

Price: Quartz from $200, Automatic from $300

Certina is the maker of robust, great sports watches with strong shock resistance. It also has tested its watches in many extreme situations, such as ascending Everest and going to the deep ocean with Sealab II submarines. 

You might also have seen Certina watches on TV during sporting events. Certina has a strong association with sports brands such as F1 racing, MotoGP, and the WRC (World Rally Championship). 

Certina produces in-house movements, with their Precidrive quartz movement and Powermatic 80 automatic movement well received by watch enthusiasts.

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Frederique Constant

Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1983

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Slimline, Notify Chrono, Yacht Timer

Price: Quartz from $300, Automatic from $800

Frederique Constant is one of those watches that could be seen as ‘neither here not there.’ It is a Swiss company with a long history of producing watches there. Still, it was also acquired by Citizen watch, making it Japanese simultaneously.

The good thing is Citizen gives Frederique Constant the freedom to design and market their watches, and they maintain their Swiss DNA. Although specific models might feature movements from ETA, they develop and manufacture their watches in-house.

Watch enthusiasts, in particular, speak highly of their slimline dress watches, as they are luxurious, Swiss-made, yet affordable. Their Yacht Timer watches with countdown timers are also popular. 

Raymond Weil

Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1976

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Freelancer, Maestro, Toccata

Price: Quartz from $400, Automatic from $600

Raymond Weil could be placed in a category similar to Frederique Constant. It is a level above entry-level Swiss watches such as Tissot and often made watches that look much more luxurious than they are priced. 

You might see many of their watches and collections named after famous classical music, such as Toccata, Mozart, or Maestro. They offer classical pieces (Toccata Line) and many skeletonized and open heart watches – the Freelancer lines have many such watches. 


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1883

Origin: Switzerland 

Notable Collection/Models: Alpiner, Seastrong, Startimer

Price: Quartz from $300, Automatic from $800

Alpina is also a watchmaker that serves as an entry point into the world of in-house Swiss timepieces – they design, produce and use their own movements. It is, however, currently owned by Citizen watch group.

They carry watches of multiple designs. However, they are most well known for their robust, well-designed sports watches. Their popular collections include Alpiner, Seastrong, and Startimer. 

The Alpiner is a collection of outdoor sports watches with strong shock resistance and anti-magnetic properties. At the same time, the Seastrong is their line of dive watches. Startimer carries pilot watches that have Alpina’s unique take on design.


Year Founded: 1902

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: The Originals, Swiss Made, Chrono Sport

Price: Quartz from $70, automatic from $200

Festina is a Swiss brand, although the mostly manufacture watches in Asia these days. Festina could be similar as Invicta, designing bold watches that runs primarily quartz movements. The watches are also affordable.

Festina however do produce a Swiss Made collection, where the watch uses Swiss movements, and the watch itself is made in Switzerland. Festina’s sports chronograph is also popular with watch enthusiasts.

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Year Founded: 1881

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Museum, BOLD, Heritage

Price: Quartz from $300, automatic from $500

If you are looking for a minimalist designed watch, and think watches like Daniel Wellington or Bering are a little too popular with hipsters, give Movado a look.

Their signature Museum Watch was minimal, so minimal that all it has is a point at the 12 o’clock position. The watch is so unique it became a permanent design collection at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

Movado does have other watch designs that look more ‘normal,’ though do not expect many watches such as Fossil or Seiko.

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Year Founded: 1893

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Avenue, Attitude, Seaforce, Urban

Price: Quartz from $100, automatic from $400

Wenger is probably much more well-known about their fight with Victorinox for the throne of Swiss Knives. This was never settled until Victorinox eventually acquired Wenger in 2005.

Wenger watches are placed slightly below Victorinox’s watches, but they carry much more design and are more casual. Many of Wenger’s watches are powered by reliable Swiss quartz, such as from Ronda, with some powered by automatic movements. 


Year Founded: 1884

Origin: Switzerland 

Notable Collections/Models: Infantry, Divemaster, Airboss, INOX

Price: Quartz from $100, automatic from $500

Not to be confused with Luminox, Victorinox is a famous Swiss manufacturer of Swiss knives. They also have a division that produces watches as well. 

Victorinox produces watches with a military theme. However, it’s their INOX collection that really made their name. INOX watches have been subjected to plenty of torture tests, and the watches performed admirably, similar to G-Shock’s watches. 

In fact, INOX watches have been called ‘Switzerland’s answer to G-Shocks.’ Their dive watches are also in high demand and well-loved by enthusiasts.

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Year Founded: 1853

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collections/Models: LeLocle, T-Touch, T-Race, Seastar 1000

Price: Quartz from $200, automatic from $300

For many, Tissot is the entry door into the world of Swiss watches. It is possibly one of the best affordable watch brands for men from Switzerland.

Part of the Swatch Group, Tissot has access to much of the expertise and technology that help make luxury watches such as Omega, Breguet, and Blancpain. 

This allows them to produce watches of similar quality but at a price accessible by many. Their LeLocle dress watch is a signature dress watch many proudly wear with their suits, while dive watch enthusiasts love their Seastar collection. 

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Year Founded: 2009

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: T9, T10, T18, T21, T43

Price: Quartz from $150, Automatic from $500

Torgoen is well-known for its pilot watches, often with a classic look. Most of their watches come with Swiss quartz movement and are labeled ‘Swiss-Made.’

By Swiss law, a product can only be ‘Swiss-Made’ when the value is 50% from Switzerland. Meaning that at least 50% of the design, manufacturing, and assembling process need to be done in Switzerland. 

Making watches in Switzerland is definitely not cheap. Despite that, Torgoen has managed to keep watch prices low. This, coupled with their unique design and excellent quality, has made Torgoen popular among watch enthusiasts.


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1989

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collection/Models: Instinct 2, Epix, Fenix 7

Price: From $80

Garmin is probably known for its GPS devices to help you navigate roads. Their watches, however, are also trendy for many.

Almost all Garmin watches are digital, with additional specs that made them appeal to outdoor enthusiasts – health monitor, GPS positioning, for example. Their watches are also solar charged for easy maintenance. 

They also recently have released a hybrid watch brand called Marq. It keeps the look of a classic, traditional watch but has a touch screen dial. This might be something worthy for you to check out. 


Year Founded: 1951

Origin: Switzerland

Notable Collections/Models: Essence Eco-Friendly, Swiss Railway Evo 2

Price: Quartz from $220, automatic from $600

Mondaine might not be known to too many, but if you are an eco-warrior, perhaps you are a supporter of this watchmaker. 

It has always been keen to share its commitment to the environment – its production facility is solar-powered and covers 80% of its energy needs. 

Mondaine is also the watchmaker that produced clocks for the Swiss Railway service in 1944. That legacy of precision and commitment to the environment makes Mondaine an icon in the watch industry.

Japanese Watches

Japanese watches started off learning from the Swiss early in the 20th century. But they took off remarkably in the 1960s, releasing watches with different technology and better performance. 

When Seiko released the QuartzAstron in 1969, the watch industry would never be the same again. Quartz technology allows watches to be mass-produced at a lower cost, and its simplicity also appeals to many. 

In fact, quartz technology triggered the ‘Quartz Crisis,’ a period in the 70s and 80s when many Swiss watch companies were brought down to their knees.

Today, Japanese watchmakers are known for their fantastic engineering and great affordability and design. They have also been making luxury watches to give the Swiss a fight, with models such as the Grand Seiko and The Citizen gaining more popularity.

Japanese watch brands continues to offer many affordable watch brands for men.


Year Founded: 1918

Origin: Japan

Notable Collections/Models: Promaster, Corso, Chandler, Navihawk

Price: Under $100 for basic models, with Eco-Drive watches from $100

Citizen is one of Japan’s Big-4 watchmakers and the world’s 8th largest watch manufacturer. 

Citizen is well known for their Eco-Drive solar quartz technology, making your watch practically maintenance-free. You do not even have to change your battery. 

They also have modern high-tech watch innovations such as Atomic Timekeeping, Satellite GPS, and SuperTitanium. 

This makes Citizen one of the watchmakers pushing the technological advancement of watchmaking today.

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Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1881

Origin: Japan

Notable Collections/Models: Seiko 5, Prospex, Astron, Presage, Coutura, Premier

Price: Quartz and automatic from $100

Seiko is probably the first brand people think of for watches, aside from Rolex. This is because Seiko is truly a brand that has changed watchmaking forever. 

Seiko launched the world’s first quartz watch in 1969 and almost brought down the whole Swiss watch industry. It has made watches affordable to a lot more people since quartz watches are cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Seiko has since moved ahead and taken the lead in watchmaking technology, creating all types of watch movements.

Aside from quartz and automatic movements, Seiko also carries solar-powered, atomic, kinetic quartz and Spring Drive, currently used in the luxury Grand Seiko line. 

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Year Founded: 1946

Origin: Japan

Notable Collection/Models: G-Shock, ProTerk, Edifice, Illuminator

Price: Quartz from $20

Casio is another Japanese big-four known as the watchmaker that made the G-Shock. Casio is probably another watch brand that everybody will think about after Rolex, Seiko, or G-Shock. 

This watchmaker remains famous as a very affordable watch brand, with great designs and collections such as the ProTrek, Edifice, or Illuminator. Casio also made many ultra-basic watches with excellent reliability and robustness.

As such, Casio has many watches that are great as a beater watch, which to us is a must in any man’s watch collection.

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Year Founded: 1983

Origin: Japan

Notable Collection/Models: DW5600, Mudmaster, DW9052, GA700

Price: Quartz from $50

G-Shock is actually part of Casio, but it got so popular that people sometimes see it as its own brand. So we dedicated a section for G-Shocks instead.

G-Shocks are known as rugged and unbreakable watches. They are also very popular hiking and dive watches too.

It has been put through multiple torture tests and has proven to be the toughest watch you can own. All G-Shock watches are 200M (660ft) water-resistant, with electric backlight and shock resistance. 

Some G-Shock watches also have additional functions such as compass, altimeter and barometer, and thermometer. 

Coupled with their great pricing, Casio is one of the most affordable watch brands for men.


Year Founded: 1950

Origin: Japan

Notable Collection/Models: Mako II, Kamasu, Bambino, Sun and Moon Classic

Price: Quartz from $80, Automatic from $120

Orient is one of Japan’s big four for watches, much more well known for their lower-priced automatic watches with classic design. 

Orient produces all their watches in-house, down to the movement. This is something not many watchmakers can claim. If this is something you appreciate, you will love Orient. 

Their watches, such as the Bambino collection, are popular dress watches. The Kamasu and Mako II are well appreciated by dive watch enthusiasts too.

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American Watches

America used to be a powerhouse in watchmaking. However, with globalization and the general increase in costs, their competitiveness has decreased. 

Today, many proud American watch companies have been acquired by Japanese or Swiss watch groups. Those that remain independent have since pivoted into producing fashion pieces or focusing on design, outsourcing manufacturing to the Far East. 

However, America has also seen a rise of millennial-focused watchmaking companies, with a massive presence on social media. There are also companies innovating by producing hybrid watches. 

All these bear an excellent future to the American watch industry. 


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1875

Origin: USA

Notable Collections/Models: Precisionist, Lunar Moon Pilot, Marine Star

Price: Quartz and automatic from $150

Bulova started off as an American watchmaker and is well known for many ‘firsts’ in the watch industry. It is currently part of the Citizen watch group.

It is the first to mass manufacture watches, run TV and radio ads for watches, the first private watch on the moon, and many more. 

Today, Bulova is a fun and cool brand with bold and colorful watch designs. Yet it still respects its legacy, with classic and signature models such as the Lunar Moon Pilot extremely popular with enthusiasts. 

Bulova also offers a high-frequency quartz movement such as the Precisionist in their watches. You get the accuracy and reliability of a quartz watch and keep the sweeping second hand just like in the automatic movement. 

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Year Founded: 1892

Origin: USA

Notable Collections/Models: Khaki King, Jazzmaster, Venture

Price: Quartz from $200, automatic from $450

Hamilton started producing watches for the railroad industry before growing exponentially, producing watches for American soldiers in the World Wars. Its popularity further grew when its watches were featured in many Hollywood blockbusters. 

With Hamilton, expect to find many heritage American-ish models such as the Khaki King series and triangular-shaped watches such as the Ventura. 

The company is now under the Swatch Group, a Swiss watch group of companies, but its American DNA remains strong. 

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Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1989

Origin: USA

Notable Collections/Models: Original Navy Seal, Leatherback Navy Seal, Atacama Field

Price: Quartz from $300, automatic from $700

Luminox is known for its rugged, tough watches. Their watches are also endorsed by the military forces in the US, such as the Navy SEAL. 

Luminox’s signature feature is the Luminox Light Technology (LLT). This self-illumination technology does not need battery power or light stimulation. 

Their watches are also made with unique materials such as carbon compounds that make them strong but light on the wrist. 


Year Founded: 2014

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Kairos, Marble, Chrono S

Price: Quartz from $150, Automatic from $300

Vincero is a recent watch company that made itself known to the public via aggressive social media marketing within the past few years. 

However, it does carry watches that look good. Their price tag is also affordable, well beyond the impressions they give. The materials are premium, with many watches being offered with high-quality leather straps that last long, Japanese movements, and sapphire crystal. 

Vincero watches are suitable for those that do not want to pay a premium to have watches from traditional makers. At the same time, they also do not like the overly hippy and modern designs of many newer watchmakers. 

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Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1984

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Townsman, FB, Grant, Hybrid

Price: Quartz from $50, automatic from $150

Fossil started off in 1984 by first importing watches from the Far East and reselling them in the US. It has since become a major producer of fashion watches, with a strong following amongst younger 20-somethings. 

Fossil is also famous for its line of Hybrid watches – watches that kept the look of a classic analog watch yet have features equivalent to a smartwatch. Their Townsman collection is also popular with buyers.

Fossil is also owner of two Swiss watch makers – Michele and Zodiac.

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Year Founded: 1991

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Track, Atlas, Bryant St. 

Price: From $50

Tokyo bay started when a Tokyo-based designer collaborated with an American designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Hence the TokyoBay name. 

Tokyobay’s watches tend to be simple, clean, and minimalistic in their designs, powered by Japanese quartz movements for reliability and ease of maintenance. Some of the watches also carry elements from the past, despite their modern design.

Customers also can customize their watch band when shopping on their online store, something not many watchmakers offer.


Year Founded: 1854

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Ironman, Expedition, Weekender, Waterbury, Easy Reader

Price: Quartz from $40, Automatic from $200

Timex currently is an American watchmaker focusing on entry-level watches, similar to Casio. These days, they are most known for their Indiglo technology, a sort of backlight technology that made their watches look different under illumination.  

However, they had a great history and legacy. Timex experimented with mass manufacturing of watches and eventually inspired Detroit car companies to implement assembly lines. 

Timex’s Expedition and Weekender watches are very popular for their good look and low prices, while the Ironman are loved by sportspersons. It also made a great beater watch.

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Year Founded: 2008

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Global Explorer, JMT Automatic, SMT ML53 Automatic

Price: Automatic from $500

Tsovet might be American in origin, but they openly declared that they are an American company selling Asian manufactured watches with Swiss movements. 

You may either reject them automatically or see their honesty as something good, and go ahead and check them out. 

Tsovet’s watches kept up with the traditional watch offerings, with a slight twist in design. There is an attempt to go with matte colors and simplified lines, making the watch unique in look compared to others.


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1997

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Regulus, Time Teller, Sentry

Price: Quartz from $50, Automatic from $400

Nixon is another alternative to Fossil. It is famous for the Time Teller collection of watches, as it had sold over 100 million pieces since introduced to the market.

Nixon is an American fashion watch that caters to various tastes. You can find classic designs that are just as nice as a Swiss watch. There are also modern, bold designs that might cater to a more eccentric taste. 

Nixon remains as one of the most affordable watch brands for men that emerged from America.


Year Founded: 1837

Origin: Switzerland (Now American)

Notable Collection/Models: Pro Diver, Vintage, Grand Diver

Price: Quartz from $50, Automatic from $100

Known for its flashy, bold design watches at a very affordable price, Invicta is one of the affordable watch brands for men.

Invicta has initially been a Swiss watchmaker, making a name producing affordable Swiss watches that was even adopted by the Soviet military. It, however, was decimated by the Quartz Crisis and was taken over by a group of American investors.

Expect to find flashy, bold, loud, huge watches with gold skeletons and really eccentric designs with Invicta. However, you can still purchase more ‘normal’ watches from them. Their homage watches, such as the Diver Pro, are well-loved by Rolex Submariner homage collectors. 

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Year Founded: 2002

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Tourbillon, Legacy, Monaco 

Price: Quartz from $50, Automatic from $150

Stührling was founded in 2002 with a simple goal – to prove that tourbillon watches could be produced outside of Switzerland at an affordable price. It achieved that and has since expanded its watch offerings. 

Aside from their Tourbillion watches, Stührling also made many beautiful homage pieces that are very well-loved by homage hunters. Stuhrling also features Krysterna – their own proprietary watch crystal on all their watches. 

Their Stuhrling 792 Diver is one of the best homages of the Rolex Submariner in the market. 

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Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 2013

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Chrono, Nomad, Legacy

Price: Quartz from $70

MVMT is a watch company that started in 2013 and has a strong following amongst younger people. 88% of their users were under 34 years old in 2017. Their watches mostly use quartz, but the premium models feature automatic movements.

MVMT is one of the affordable watch brands for men, especially if you enjoy modern, minimalist and industrial designs.

If you enjoy colorful watches with a minimal, fun design similar to Swatch, MVMT might be something that you would like to check out. 


Year Founded: 1981

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: Cablesport, PrimeTime

Price: Quartz from $30, Automatic from $200

You probably recognize Guess from seeing their fashion boutiques in shopping malls. Much like their fashion pieces, they take the same approach to watches – a wide variety of designs for you to choose from. 

Their watches are less traditional and are not as classical and ‘heavy’ as the Swiss watches. The movements are mostly adapted from the Far East, but the design is often placed first for fashion watches. 

This means Guess watches tend to be affordable but carry the ‘Guess’ logo fashion-conscious people want. 

Dan Henry

Year Founded: 2016

Origin: USA

Notable Collection/Models: 1964 GT Chronograph, 1962 Racing Chronograph, 1937 Dress Chronograph

Price: From $270

Dan Henry watches was started by the namesake, a famous and well-known watch collector. The main goal of this watch brand is to make collecting vintage watches an accessible hobby to many. 

This explains why the watches offered by Dan Henry tend to be homages of iconic timepieces from the time past. These watches have since been appreciated to a price no longer accessible by many. 

For example, their 1962 Racing Chronograph is made to look close to the legendary Rolex Daytona Paul Newman – it was auctioned and sold for $17.8 million

Dan Henry’s homage of the same model? A very affordable $250. Definitely one of the affordable watch brands for men.

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German Watches

German watches used to be a niche market that only those deep into watches would explore. 

However, they are gaining popularity and a mass following these few years. 

German watchmakers, in particular, dominate a specific niche of pilot watches called the Flieger. It is initially produced for German air pilots during the World Wars and has a specific design format.

Great German watches tend to be on the more expensive side – Sinn, Nomos, Junghans and A.Lange & Söhne, for example. However, some watchmakers offer watches on the affordable end, with entry-level models carrying Japanese or Chinese movements. These watches are called ‘Germasian.’ 

If this is an issue for you, pay extra attention to the movements when shopping for German watches. 


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1925

Origin: Germany

Notable Collection/Models: Flieger A, Flieger B, Valencia

Price: Quartz from $80, Automatic from $120

Laco often serves as the entry-level brand in the world of German-made watches. This german watchmaker is very well known for their Flieger watches, a pilot watch worn by German pilots during the wars.

Laco, however, does not have in-house movement – they tend to use movements from Japanese and Swiss makers such as Miyota or Sellita. 

However, their pricing is affordable and is a way to learn more about German watches before deciding if you want to go deeper and get a Sinn, Damasko, or Junghans.

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Year Founded: 2002

Origin: Germany

Notable Collection/Models: Atlantic, Eurofighter, Rome

Price: Quartz from $150, Automatic from $220

Zeppelin watches started in 2002 to mainly celebrate Germany’s achievement in aviation from the early 20th century until now. 

In fact, most of the watch collections and models are related to German aviation – Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, and Eurofighter, for example. 

Their watches tend to be minimal and Bauhaus in design. Still, they also slipped in classical elements of older watches, making them unique and not too Scandinavian. 

The more affordable watches tend to feature Japanese movement, with more premium watches carrying Swiss automatic movements such as the Valjoux 7750. 


Year Founded: 1937

Origin: Germany

Notable Collection/Models: T0257, T0313

Price: From $90

Tauchmeister (divemaster in German) is an example of ‘Germasian’ watches. A large part of the watch is manufactured and assembled in Asia. 

Some watch purists have dismissed Tauchmeister as a Chinese watch with a German name. However, whether you agree to this statement is up to you to explore and decide.

Tauchmeister might not carry that sense of quality associated with German timepieces, so their watches tend to be spec up.

Some of their dive watches do come with impressive features such as 1000M (3280ft) water resistance and even a helium escape valve. 

One of their models, the T257, is featured as the ‘Best Functionality’ watch in our list of best dive watches under $100.

Scandinavian Watches

Scandinavia refers to the region of northern European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. 

Scandinavian watches have gained much popularity within the past few years, as more and more appreciate the minimal and simplistic design of Scandinavian products. 

Scandinavian watches, in general, focus a lot more on design than the engineering aspects. The watches usually come with Japanese quartz and mineral crystal. Some also offer automatic and solar movements. 

Scandinavian watches are also more fashionable than functional – they tell time and come at affordable prices. This makes it possible for you to buy several and do wardrobe matching. They also tend to come with easily interchangeable straps.

The design, fashion-sense and pricing made Scandinavian watches one of the most affordable watch brands for men.


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 2017

Origin: Denmark

Notable Collection/Models: Pioneer, Philosopher, Native 

Price: From $200

Nordgreen is one of the more recently founded watch companies, taking advantage of the growth in preference for clean, minimalist designs in watches today. Their watches feature movements from Japan.

Nordgrees tries to stay ahead of their competition by not just offering minimal, Bauhaus-ish design but also emphasizing being environmentally friendly. Nordgreen claims that all their employees ride bikes to work and use 100% recycled paper. 

If you are a committed eco-warrior, Nordgreen would be an excellent choice. 


Year Founded: 1989

Origin: Denmark

Notable Collection/Models: Signatur, Melbye, Hagen, Ancher

Price: From $60

Skagen is a Danish watch company that also designs jewelry such as rings and necklaces. They claim to design based on Danish minimalism, the Danish coastlines, and the simple living of the Danish people. 

The watches are simple, minimal, and light, a very different look than the serious, classical timepieces from Swiss or Japanese watchmakers. The best way to describe Skagen’s design is to say that it’s Swatch, without the bold colors and crazy designs.

The watches often come with easily interchangeable straps, Japanese quartz movement, and mineral crystals. 

Daniel Wellington

Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 2011

Origin: Sweden

Notable Collection/Models: Classic, Petit, Quadro

Price: From $100

Daniel Wellington is also a watch brand that made itself famous to millennials, thanks to their massive and aggressive social media marketing in the 2010s. 

The watches have a minimalist look, with common watch parts such as bezels removed to maximize the dial and keep the watch clean and straightforward. Daniel Wellington also made wearing a dress watch with a Nato strap popular. 

Daniel Wellington watches usually come with Japanese Miyota movement, mineral crystal, and easily interchangeable straps. 

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Year Founded: 2008

Origin: Denmark

Notable Collection/Models: Ultra Slim, Ceramic, Solar

Price: Quartz From $100, Automatic from $330

Bering is a fashion company whose design is inspired by the serenity and calm of the Arctic. In fact, the name Bering is based on a Danish explorer Vitus Bering. Bering also designs rings to go along with their watches. 

Bering watches tend to carry minimal, simple designs similar to many other Scandivadian watchmakers. They, however, have experimented more on the mechanical side by adding in watch collections with automatic and solar movements. 

Bering watches tend to come with Japanese movements, mineral crystals, and minimal complications. 

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Year Founded: 2007

Origin: Sweden

Notable Collection/Models: Time For Oceans, Time For Talk, Time For Solar, Time For Peace

Price: From $100

Triwa stands for Transforming The Industry Of Watches. Triwa understands the change – that watches are no longer as functional as they seem to be. Still, it has turned into a fashion accessory that people wear to express themselves. 

Their watch reflects that change. There were few attempts to jam functions into watches, but to make them simple, fashionable pieces. This makes the watch complement your outfit better.

For example, the watches are affordable, so customers can buy several to match their outfits, and the straps are easily interchangeable. 


Great watches can also come from regions outside of traditional watchmaking countries. Let’s see a few notable ones here. 

Affordable British watches are probably the most known here, although the Britishness is only in the marketing and design. The movements tend to be Swiss. 

Russia is a region with hidden gems only deep watch enthusiasts know. Vostok, for example, makes incredible watches with proprietary movements in pricing that are remarkably affordable

Chinese watches are, in general, not well appreciated, although some makers are starting to stand out and be noticed. Seagull makes great watches with proprietary movements. They host excellent homage watch companies as well. 


Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 1958

Origin: China

Notable Collection/Models: 1963 Chronograph FKJB, Ultra Thin 9mm, 

Price: From $99

Seagull is the world’s largest watch movement manufacturer that designs and sells its own watches. Their movements have also found their way into many famous watch brands. 

Seagull’s watches tend to ‘toe the line’ – with classical designs and forms that do not run away from Swiss or Japanese traditions. 

Some Seagull models, such as the 1963 Chronograph FKJB, have surprisingly gained popularity with watch enthusiasts in the West. The watch model is instantly recognizable with the red star and wording ’21 zuan’ (21 Jewels) printed on the dial.

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Year Founded: 1895

Origin: Switzerland (Britain from 1905) 

Notable Collection/Models: Oxford, Avenger, Ultra Slim

Price: Quartz from $150, Automatic from $300

Rotary can trace its origin in Switzerland before relocating to the UK in 1905. The watches have since adopted designs from the new home and developed a unique British taste. 

All Rotary watches adhere to the Dolphin Standard – which means they can handle shallow diving and water activities. 

The watchmaker evoked a strong sense of Britishness after supplying British soldiers throughout the World Wars. That legacy remains until today. 

Rotary’s line of Oxford dress watches is a particular interest to watch enthusiasts, as it carries design close to the Rolex Datejust. People who love thin dress watches also appreciate their Ultra-slim watches.

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Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

Year Founded: 2015

Origin: Britain

Notable Collection/Models: Monopusher, GMT-Bezel, World Timer, Aqua Compressor

Price: Quartz from $550, Automatic from $800

Farer is an independent British watchmaker, focusing on watches related to racing and explorer themes. 

Their watches are well made, using Swiss movements and sapphire crystals. There are also models using pure bronze on the crown to show pagination with age and wear. 

The designs also carry a modern look into historic watch designs, with modern font, matte and subdued dial colors. This made Farer watches appealing to those who find traditional Swiss designs boring.


Year Founded: 1942

Origin: Russia

Notable Collection/Models: Amphibia, Komandierski

Price: Automatic from $20

If you see anyone wearing a Vostok watch, you know that person is deep into watches. 

Starting in 1942, Vostok first produced war equipment for the Soviet Union before pivoting into watches. It adorned many Soviet soldiers and officers’ wrists. 

Today, Vostok continues to be on the wrists of Russian military members. 

Their line of dive watches, such as the Amphibia, is unique in its aesthetics yet remains very affordable to many. It has also developed its own cult of followers among watch enthusiasts.

In fact, The Amphibia is listed as the ‘Best Value’ watch for our best dive watches under $100 review. Definitely one of the most affordable watch brands for men.

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Wrapping Up: Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men

There you have it, our attempts to list down affordable watch brands for men for you to check out and hunt for your next watch. 

The list is non-exhaustive, meaning that we may add or remove the watchmakers from the list as time goes. Do understand that we might have missed out on some watchmakers, as they have not come across our radar.

Do you think there are affordable watch brands for men that we have missed out on this list? Please let us know by leaving a comment below, and we will be happy to investigate and review them for you. 

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