Do Bering Watches Have Batteries?

Bering made some excellent, minimalist watches. However, their watches come in multiple designs and, in some ways, various movements as well.

Bering watches have battery-powered movements, but some of their watches also use automatic and solar quartz. This can be confusing, especially if you are new to the brand. This makes Bering watches different than DW or Vincero, who features only quartz or automatic movements.

In this article, let’s explore Bering’s line of watches and determine those that run on batteries and those that don’t.

Do Bering Watches Have Batteries

About Bering

Bering was founded by Michael Witt Johanssen in Denmark, keen to translate the beauty and serenity of the Arctic to daily products.

Bering actually refers to Vitus Bering, a Danish explorer who set sail and explored the Arctic Ocean in 1728. 

On his journey, he crossed a strait that would later bear his name – the Bering Strait. The strait separates the Russian Far East from Alaska.

Bering mentioned explicitly on their website that they aim to blend minimalist Danish design with strong, high-quality materials. 

They also intend to use clear, streamlined forms and elegance to reflect the beauty and serenity of the Arctic. 

You can certainly see these being reflected in their lines of watches, rings, and pieces of jewelry.

Bering Watch Collections

Bering makes not just watches but also rings and jewelry. In this article, we will only look at their watches. 

In general, Bering’s watches have a vibe of minimalism and cleanliness. The watches are all analog, with simple three-hands and minimal hour markers

There are also almost none if minimal complications on their watches. If there are complications, they are also minimal in appearance. 

In essence, the design is probably the complete opposite to Invicta, or move flamboyant watches from Bulova or Fossil. 

You can group their watches into several main collections:


The Ceramic collections are watches made with ceramic instead of your usual stainless steel. Bering claims their high-tech ceramics are scratch-resistant, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. Choose between simple dress watches or watches with multiple subdials here. 

Do Bering Watches Have Batteries


The watches here represent their attempt to design classic watches – a stainless steel case with an almost non-existent bezel that leaves a large dial face for the watch. 

The design vibes here feel similar to Daniel Wellington, and Nomos watches. 


Watches on this line are powered by light – any light source, similar to the Eco-Drive movement from Citizen. You might start to see watches that are not round here, for example, this Tonneau-shaped model.


Watches under this line use titanium on their case, and in some models, the bracelet. This should make the watch ultra-lightweight – you might not even feel the watch on your wrist when you are wearing it.

Watches in this line could be powered by standard or solar quartz movements. 

Do Bering Watches Have Batteries


Bering tries to differentiate the watches under this line by adding open hearts. 

The VITUS1728 automatic movement is developed with Miyota, which is owned by Citizen. 

Do expect performance similar to a Japanese automatic movement with Bering’s automatic watches. 


Pebble is a watch line developed by three designers – Bjarke Ingels, Lars Holme Larsen, and Jens Martin Skibsted. The watches were inspired by the smooth pebbles on the Scandinavian coast.

All watches featured a Milanese/mesh bracelet with an ultra-minimal face dial under this line. There are no second hand and hour markers on the dial. The crown is positioned at two o’clock. 

Max René

Bering partnered with award-winning Danish designer Max René to develop this line of watches. The watches carry a Nomos-like vibe, minimal, modern, clean font, and stick hands. 

Watches here come with multiple options for straps such as leather and mesh. This means you can change the watch’s look by simply changing the straps. The straps sold by Bering have sliders that make the process easier. 

Do Bering Watches Have Batteries

True Aurora

True Aurora collections are watches that were inspired by the northern lights. As a result, watches here tend to be more colorful and daring in color combinations than their other lines. 

Expect Swatch-like designs and color combinations, with Bering’s sense of minimalism and simple design here. 

Ultra Slim

The purpose of this watch line – produce ultra-slim watches that slide in and out of your shirt cuffs with ease. Watches here also carry the standard Bering look. Some look very office-like and could be worn on formal occasions. 

Bering Watch Collections With Batteries

To make it easy for you to tell which Bering watch collections are battery powered quartz, we made a simple list for you:

Bering Watch Collections with Batteries:

Ceramic All watches
Classic All watches
Titanium All watches, except 15239-797
PebbleAll watches
Max René All watches
True Aurora All watches
Ultra Slim All watches

The model 15239-797 is a solar-powered watch.

Bering Watch Collections Without Batteries

Bering watches that do not run on batteries are powered by an automatic and solar quartz movement.

Bering Watches that run on non-battery movements:

TitaniumOnly the Model 15239-797 (solar-powered)
AutomaticAll watches
SolarAll watches

So, Do Bering Watches Have Batteries?

So, let’s come back to the main question: Do Bering watches have batteries?

The answer is: mostly yes, as most of their watches use quartz movement. However, there are automatic and solar movements in their line of watches.

The key here is to pay close attention when ordering. One quick tip here is that automatic watches that Bering carries show an open heart.

Watches that run on solar quartz movement will have the signature ‘Solar’ written on the watch dial.

Do you own a Bering watch? or are you in the consideration of owning one? do let us know your experience with them. Lets’ interact!

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