What Is A Jubilee Dial? It’s Not A Jubilee Bracelet

Rolex Datejusts and DayDates are very customizable – dial, bracelet, bezels, materials, etc. The dials alone could be in many textures, and one of them is the Jubilee dial. But what is a jubilee dial anyway?

Rolex Jubilee Dial refers to a specific design of watch dial. Basically, the word Rolex is printed repetitively on the dial, sort of like your Louis Vuitton bags. The design first came out in the 80s, when people did not think twice to flash their wealth. The design is currently discontinued.

What Is A Rolex Jubilee Dial

Rolex Jubilee Dial vs. Jubilee Bracelet

At times, people confuse between the two – the jubilee dial and the jubilee bracelet

Both jubilee dial refers to the specific dial design with the repetitive ROLEXROLEXROLEXROLEX wordings on it. 

In contrast, the jubilee bracelet refers to a specific bracelet design, also from Rolex. 

The jubilee bracelet is one of the bracelet designs that Rolex carries – Oyster, President, and Pearlmaster. Rolex still makes the jubilee bracelet today.

The jubilee bracelet design is so iconic that many watchmakers such as Seiko create similar designs based on it.  

When Do Jubilee Dial First Appear?

Rolex released the first Rolex Datejust in 1945 to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary. The timepiece comes with a self-winding function and an automatically-changing date window.

Keep in mind this was in the 1940s when many of the functions we take for granted on our watches today were practically ground-breaking innovations. 

The Datejust also comes with a brand-new bracelet design named ‘jubilee bracelet.’

In 1985, Rolex celebrated the 40th year of production of the Rolex Datejust with a new dial design called the ‘jubilee dial.’

What Are the Available Colors for Jubilee Dial? 

The Jubilee dial comes in many colors, similar to how the Datejusts today. 

Rolex made the jubilee dial in these colors: White, beige, blue, gold, champagne, silver, black, brown, pink, and emerald. There might be other colors missing from this list.

The design is such that the color of the dial changes when the watch is held and moves against a source of light, kind of like the effect you see on a sunburst dial.

Which Rolex Has A Jubilee Dial?

The Datejust carries the jubilee dial design almost exclusively. You might also find some specific models of the Rolex DayDate having the dial. For example, the DayDate’ President.’

Some Cellini is also known to feature the jubilee dial as well.

You can also see the jubilee dial coming together with various index styles like indices, Arabic numerals, or diamonds. 

You might also see the text ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ printed on the dial face. However, some only show the name ‘Datejust.’

What Is A Rolex Jubilee Dial

Does Rolex Still Make Jubilee Dial?

The Jubilee dials have been on offer as recently as 2019. The Rolex’s catalog for 2019-2020 shows a Datejust Ref. 126234 being offered with blue and pink jubilee dials. 

As of the time of writing, the Jubilee dial is no longer offered as an option on Rolex’s website, possibly indicating that the dial is no longer in production. 

This could mean that watches with jubilee dials might go up in value in the future, as they would be scarcer. 

What Other Dials Can You Get On Rolex Datejust?

Rolex Datejusts offers a plethora of choices and designs with the watch dials. You can customize by materials, colors, texture, and index styles. 

The jubilee dial can be considered as part of the option for textures. Rolex has historically offered dial textures such as engine-turned, honeycomb, linen, fluted, even pyramid patterns. 

There is also usage of motives on the dials, such as flowers and butterflies for ladies’ models. 

Rolex has also recently introduced palm and fluted dial textures in 2021.

What Is A Rolex Jubilee Dial

Are There Other Watches With the Jubilee Dial?

As of the time of writing, searches online do not indicate that other watchmakers designed watch dials similar to the jubilee dial.

This might change in the future, considering the trends of luxury goods are starting to go back to using repetitive logos, especially on bags and clothing.  

Wrapping Up

Thank you for taking the time to check this article. We hope we have answered your question on what is a Rolex Jubilee dial well. 

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