Should You Wear A Watch When Playing With Dogs?

If you own a dog, you will play with it. However, you might be unsure about whether to take the watch off or keep wearing your watch during that time. So, should you wear a watch when playing with dogs?

Opinions vary when it comes to if you should wear a watch when playing with dogs. Some worry about dogs biting and leaving scratches on their watch. Some also do not like to catch dog hair and saliva on their watch. However, some see it as a way to add ”great memories of the dog” to the watch.

There are many more reasons to think about whether to strap on a watch when playing with a dog. 

Why You Should Wear A Watch When Playing With Dogs

Feels Natural

Many people are so used to wearing a watch that they feel ”naked on the wrist” when not wearing one. Some also mention that their hands suddenly feel ”light” and odd. They just don’t like it. 

For these folks, perhaps what they can do instead is to have a more suitable watch to be around dogs – a topic we will discuss further below. 

Pros: Create Memories

We love our dogs, but dogs grow old much faster than us. It was said that a human year is 7 dog years. Basically, we will definitely outlive our dogs. 

The best way we remember our dogs is to have things that remind us of them. Pictures, videos, and items in our life. 

To some, that means their watch. The watch they wear while playing with their dogs will remind them of the dog long after it has passed away.

Pros: Cesar Millan

Many of us would think of Cesar Millan when it comes to dogs. Perhaps the best way to see if we should wear a watch when playing with dogs is to just look at him. 

And here’s the verdict – Cesar does wear a watch when playing or training dogs. Not all the time, but you do see him wearing it.

So if Cesar the Dog Whisperer wears a watch around dogs, why should we mere mortals even fuss about this in the first place?

Why You Should Not?

Cons: Bites & Scratches

The issue with wearing a watch when playing with dogs is dog bites. We know how our dogs get excited when playing catch or tug of war with us, and at times that excitement may lead to them accidentally biting on our watch. 

The straps are the normal part that will bear this, as they are often soft, and when dogs sink their teeth in them, bite marks form and will stay there. Aside from that, you also have to deal with scratch marks on your watch.

Cons: Dirt & Smell

Dogs drool. That’s one thing we all know for sure. Some watch materials absorb fluids, such as leather, nylon, or perlon strap.

For nylon and perlon straps, perhaps you could throw them into the washing machine for proper cleanup. With leather straps, however, it might be more challenging. Saliva might have embedded deep into the leather, meaning the smell would not disappear no matter how hard we cleaned it. 

Watches also have many parts that can trap and catch dog hair, such as bracelet links or the watch lugs. Dogs may also run around the yard and get themselves dirty, and when you play with them after that, the dirt is transferred to your watch.

What we see here is, again, it is a personal decision. Regardless of your decision on if you want to wear a watch while playing with your dogs, you are right. As long as you are comfortable with it, go ahead and strap on or strap off. 

We will now talk about suitable watches when playing with dogs, assuming you decide to strap up.

What Watches Are Suitable To Wear When Playing With Dogs?

Watches that are suitable to play with dogs should first be able to withstand bites and scratches. The watch should also be waterproof to not absorb saliva and turn smelly. The watch should also have a smooth surface to avoid trapping dog hair. Quartz movement is preferred.

Should You Wear A Watch When Playing With Dogs

Scratch Resistant Case

Your watch needs to, at first, be able to handle bites and scratches. This means your typical stainless steel or aluminum case might not do well. They reflect scratches very well and might not even handle impacts or bites in the case of aluminum. 

Perhaps a resin-based case would do well. Resin cases are softer than stainless steel cases, and their often matted surface does not reflect scratches too well. This means your watch could be bitten and scratched by your pooch but still look good. 


When playing with dogs, our hands may jerk or move violently and suddenly. These sudden movements introduce shocks that could transfer to your watch.

Think of when you throw something far with all your might when playing catch, or when you lost a tug of war with your dog, and you fell, using your hand to stop the fall. 

Automatic watches have a delicate balance wheel and springs as fine as hair to keep time. Sudden shocks may disrupt the movement and cause the watch to gain or lose time. This effect is pronounced if the movement does not have shock absorbers. 

Quartz watches are less susceptible to shocks, as the movement is powered electronically. 

Smooth, Waterproof Strap

We know that dogs salivate and get all excited during playtime. They lick our hands, face, and their paws move about in excitement. We, in return, pet and rub them. 

This often results in saliva, dirt, and dog hair getting caught in our watch. We will need to clean the watch to remove the smell and hair. 

If the watch has a smooth, waterproof surface, the cleaning will be much easier.

Watch straps made from resin, rubber, silicone, or polyurethane would be good. They repel water and are easy to clean. Warm water and some dishwashing liquid should get the job done. 

Metal bracelets would be easier to clean, but the links and folds may trap dog hair, so it might not be good. 


Regardless of how tough the watch is, eventually, it will suffer around your dog. Scratches and bite marks will appear, and smooth straps may eventually have bite marks on them that the smoothness is lost, making cleaning difficult. 

So perhaps it is just a better idea to keep the watch cheap so that you can let your dog abuse it. When the watch has deteriorated to the point where you do not see fit to wear it anymore, just discard it and get another beater watch instead.

Affordable Watches To Wear When Playing With Dogs

We took some time and looked around at watches that have the qualities above and are, most importantly, affordable. This allows you to buy, let your doggie abuse them, and then discard them when the time comes. 

Casio W-217H-1AVCF

As rugged and affordable as they come, this Casio is one of the ultimate beater watch.

The watch runs on digital quartz and has a smooth resin case and strap. Since resin is waterproof, cleaning the watch would be a lot easier. There would be fewer problems with dog hair as well. 

Timex Ironman TW5M16400

This watch also has a smooth surface, with minor crevices and folds on the case and the strap. The watch case and strap are also made from resin, meaning cleaning and dog hair would not be an issue.

The watch runs on digital quartz, eliminating issues of shocks causing watches to lose timekeeping accuracy. It also looks more premium than the spartan FW-91.

Casio G-Shock DW5600E

The OG of G-Shock needs to make it into this list. The watch is chunkier and larger than the first two in this list, so it might suit some of us that sport a larger wrist. 

The watch runs digital quartz and is protected by shock absorbers inside, meaning you will have no issues with shocks and impacts. 

The watch may have more folds and crevices that could trap dirt and saliva, but the waterproof resin case and strap should make cleaning easier. Just hose it down with water.

Casio G-Shock Solar GW-M530A-1CR

This watch also suits those with larger wrists or who prefer a chunkier watch. The watch also does not have too many folds and crevices on the case and strap, making cleaning easier. The resin case and straps should help on that too. 

The solar, digital quartz movement makes it different from the other watches here. You do not need a battery change. Quartz movement with shock resistance also solves the issue with shocks. 

Casio MW240-1BV

If digital watches are not for your liking, consider a true analog beater here. This Casio has a similar resin case and strap construction, smooth and waterproof. Cleaning should be easy with this one. 

The watch is also powered by quartz, meaning fewer shock issues, and the small size also made it less likely to interfere with your playtime with your poochie. 

Some worry about dogs biting and leaving scratches on their watch. Some also do not like to catch dog hair and saliva on their watch. However, some see it as a way to add ”great memories of the dog” to the watch.

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