Do Pawn Shops Buy G Shock Watches?

We all know pawnshops generally love to buy watches. But what about G-shock watches? Do they buy G Shocks? Or just luxury watches only?

Pawnshops will buy G-shock watches. They will pay better money if the watch is clean, in working order, and comes complete with original documents and packaging. A working watch with complete documents could be resold at a higher price, which means they can pay yo you more upfront. 

Do Pawn Shops Buy G Shock Watches

You can do several more things to get more money for your G Shock, which we will discuss later. But for now, let’s explore the pawning process first. 

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How To Pawn Your G-Shock Watch?

Pawning your G Shock is similar to pawning other goods for money. 

You first walk into a pawn shop and place your watch. The pawnbroker will look at the watch and decide how much money they can loan you. 

It pays to go around and get a few quotes at this stage, as different shops may offer you differing sums of money. 

It goes without saying but go for the one that offers you the most. 

Once you agree, you will receive the sum of money from the pawnbroker and a ticket of your ownership of the watch. 

This ticket can be used to buy back your watch later, so do not lose it. The watch is now in the hands of the pawnbroker. 

Depending on where you live, there is a certain period where you need to go back to the pawnbroker and pay him the original sum of money loaned to you, plus interest. 

You will get your watch back once you make the payment.  

If you cannot, you can either go back and request an extension or do nothing. 

If you request an extension, the pawnbroker will require a small payment sum in exchange for extending the agreement. You then have another period to pay the whole sum back. 

You can also ignore the whole thing. The agreement lapses, and the pawnshop now owns your G-Shock if you do so. The pawnbroker can directly resell the item to recover his money. 

What Will The Pawn Shops Pay For My G-Shock Watch?

Many factors contribute to how much money you will get for your G-Shock watch. They are:

  • Model
  • Condition
  • Ownership Proof

First is the model. If you are pawning models of G Shocks that are popular and in demand, you could get more money. 

The second is the condition of the watch. If your G Shock is full of scratches or has external damages, the money you can get for it will be lesser. 

If your watch is not running, you will get even less money. That’s if the pawnbroker even takes your watch in the first place!

Finally, it’s the ownership proof. If you can prove that you are the legitimate owner of the watch, the pawnshop will be more likely to take in your watch, and may offer you a higher price. 

They are not worried that you are selling them a stolen watch. 

After spending some time online, we cannot find any actual figures on the price range you could receive for your G Shock watches. 

However, there is a pawn shop that pays around 75-80% of the market value for Apple watches. 

This means you could possibly be offered money around that range as well. 

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How To Get More Money For My G-Shock Watch At Pawn Shop?

You can get more money for your G-Shock by cleaning it, have the whole package with the watch, and also to replace the battery if its not working.

Clean The Watch

How do you immediately increase the price of something? Clean it thoroughly.

A cleaner watch is nicer to see and imparts a higher intrinsic value as well. 

To clean your G-Shock is also extremely easy, as the watch is made to withstand water pressure and rough treatment.  

Try to at least clean the watch with a sponge, with dishwashing liquid as the cleaning agent. You can also use an old toothbrush and get into the nooks and crannies that your cleaning sponge cannot reach. 

If you want to go the extra mile, use some plastic shine cream and rub them on the watch surface once the watch is dry. 

The extra shine will further enhance the visual appearance of the watch. Perhaps that will get you more money at the pawnshop later. 

Complete Package

Do Pawn Shops Buy G Shock Watches

Now that your watch is clean take some time and assemble the whole package of the watch. 

We mean the box, documents, warranty details, and original receipt if you still keep it. 

This complete package helps in several ways:

The whole package makes the watch a lot more valuable to buyers. If the pawnshop has to resell the watch in the future (if you don’t pay up), They could easily resell it since it’s in a complete package. 

If you can show the whole package together with the watch, the pawnbroker is more confident that you are the true owner of this watch. He is, in turn, more willing to buy and maybe offer more money for your watch. 

The biggest worry of a pawnbroker is that after he offers money to you, the cops come in and take the watch away as it was reported stolen. That’s a massive loss for him. 

So a pawnbroker will be very suspicious of watches without the proper paperwork. 

So just show up with a complete package of documents with your watch to get the best offer for your watch. 

Replace The Battery If It’s Dead

This is a further extension from the second point. If your watch is dead, try to at least replace the battery and see if it still works. 

A working watch is worth a lot more, and pawnshops will be willing to offer you more money. 

Replacing a watch battery on a G-Shock is similar to a quartz watch. You just need a precision screwdriver. 

Open up the watch, take out the battery, go to a hardware store, and ask the shopkeeper to help you find the same battery. 

You can also take it to a watchmaker to change the battery.

We have written a guide on how to replace your quartz watch battery, so feel free to check it out if you are keen to.

Bring Your ID

Before you leave your home to go to the pawnshop, make sure you bring your valid ID. 

This is because pawn shops cannot take your watch without proof of identity. 

Just in case the watch was stolen, pawn shops need to tell the police who came in and pawned the watch. 

Plus, without a valid ID, they also cannot issue you a ticket to confirm that you pawned the watch to them. 

So make sure you have a valid ID to avoid wasting your time going to pawn shops, only to not get any service. 


Last but not least, negotiate. Try to ask for a higher price if you can. 

You can do so by first going to Craigslist, and get an idea of how much private sellers are selling the same G Shock model. Get at least a few, and then average out the amount. 

Use that as a point to negotiate with the pawnshop. Ask for more by telling them they can resell your watch later at the price you found on Craigslist to offer you a higher price. 

You can also tell them another pawnshop offered more for your watch. 

You might be told to walk away, but it is your watch, and you have the right to ask for the highest price possible. 

Wrapping Up: Do Pawn Shops Buy G Shock Watches?

Yes, they do. You can also get more money for your watch if you hold a suitable model, have a watch in excellent condition, and prove your own watch.  

The critical point is to remember that once you pawned the watch, remember to find the money to pay it back. Because if not, you will lose the watch forever!

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