Can You Wear A Watch To Play Soccer?

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and growing in popularity in the US. However, can you wear a watch to play soccer?

As per FIFA rules, players cannot wear jewelry to play soccer, including watches. However, for inofficial games not bound by FIFA rules, wearing watches can help to tell time and also record fitness data.

Can You Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

This article will discuss why you should and should not wear watches to play soccer. We also discussed suitable watches to wear for soccer games, just in case if you decide to. 

We also recommend watches suitable for soccer, which you can check out. 

We have also discussed wearing watches for other sports such as golf, tennis, and basketball. Feel free to check it out.

Why Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

You want to wear a watch to play soccer if you want to tell time, record fitness or activity data and if you prefer to wear your watch all the time. A watch can also protect your wrist from injury.

You Still Need To Tell Time. When playing soccer, you will be on an open field with the sky and crowd around you. There might be a scoreboard and a countdown clock, but no clock to help you tell time.  

This means having a watch on your wrist will be very helpful for you. You may be playing soccer, but you still need to tell the time. Having a watch on your wrist solves this problem, and you can do so with a flick of the wrist. 

You Want To Record Activity Data. You might be taking the sport much more seriously and want more data on your performance on the field. You then may need some sort of tracking device, which often comes in the form of a watch. 

These GPS/fitness tracker watches can record your heartbeat, blood pressure, distance covered, and steps taken. It can also reveal your movement on the field and help you to understand more about your game.

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You Just Feel Naked Without One. Some of us may have a valid reason to be concerned about going naked on the wrist. Some of us are so accustomed to wearing a watch that the thought of not wearing one feels strange. Some people even feel exposed when they do not have one.

If you are the type of person who only feels more comfortable wearing a watch, you should continue to wear them while playing soccer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a choice that is all your own.

Can You Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

Why Should You Not Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

You should also not wear a watch to play soccer, as it is not allowed by soccer’s official rules from FIFA. Watches could also potentially injure yourself and others, and you may break or damage your watch. 

It Is Not Allowed. Officially, players are not allowed to wear a watch during a soccer game. 

This is clearly mentioned in Law 4.1 of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) rule book. The rule explicitly bans any jewelry, such as necklaces, bangles, or watches. Refusal to comply can result in warnings and requests to leave the field. 

If you are playing a soccer game that takes the rule more seriously, you might be required to take off your watch before you can step into the field. 

It Can Injure Others. If you wear a watch, you are carrying a hunk of metal on your wrist. Considering how your hands may swing and move around when playing the game, you will injure other players. 

For example, when you are jumping into the air to challenge a high ball, your hand may swing outside to balance yourself. As you swing, there is a likelihood that your watch may end up hitting your opposing player and hurting him.

If your watch has a sharper angle, for example, a fluted bezel, it might also cut the opposing player and cause them to bleed.

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You might Damage it. Soccer may be called a beautiful game, but it is definitely not a graceful sport. You run, you jump, and you frequently get into physical contact with opposing players.

If you wear a watch, it may get scratched and nicked. If the physical impact is hard enough and comes at an unfortunate angle, you may break your watch crystal or the bezel of your watch.

If the watch comes with water-absorbing material such as leather or cloth straps, it may absorb a lot of sweat and develop a smell. Metal bracelets may not absorb sweat but may trap it. When the sweat dries, it may form grime and dirty the watch.

What Type of Watch Is Suitable For Soccer?

The most suitable watches for soccer would be small and light. The watch surface should be smooth to avoid trapping sweat. The straps should be smooth and waterproof as well. Quartz movement is better as it can handle shocks better. 

Smooth Watch Surface. A smooth watch surface serves two significant points: to prevent it from trapping sweat and reduce the likelihood of injuring opposing players and perhaps even yourself. 

If the watch surface has many folds and crevices, it may trap sweat. When it dries off and mixes with dirt from the air, the sweat eventually becomes grime that may need you to physically clean them.

Waterproof, Smooth Watch Strap. A smooth and waterproof watch strap can also make it much easier to maintain your watch. Waterproof straps prevent sweat absorption, meaning the watch strap will not turn smelly over time. 

A smooth surface will also avoid trapping sweat and causing grime buildup. Straps made of resin or rubber would be much better than leather or metal bracelets. 

Small, Thin, And Light. Small and light watches also reduce the likelihood of injuring other players. Plus, when a watch is small and thin, you may protect it further by wearing a thicker wristband over the watch.

This means you may want to keep your dive or large chronographs at home and strap on something smaller.

Quartz. A quartz watch would do much better than an automatic watch, as quartz watches are better at handling shocks and impacts compared to automatic watches.

Automatic movements may lose accuracy if exposed to constant shock. The hairspring and balance wheel may not move in their set rhythm. This affects power delivery to the gears and hands. 

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Scratch and Nick-Resistant Material. A watch with a softer or more scratch-resistant surface may also be better for soccer wear. This reduces the cosmetic damage to the watch, such as scratches and nicks. 

Instead of watches with stainless steel case, consider watches with resin, plastic, or silicone casing. These are more impact absorbent, meaning they would not develop nicks easily. They also hide scratches much better than stainless steel models as well.

3 Best Watches For Soccer

Best watches for soccer include: 

  • Casio W-217H-1AVCF
  • Timex Ironman Essential 30
  • Scoreband Play

Casio W-217H-1AVCF

Can You Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

This is a great beater watch at a reasonable price, so you won’t mind ‘punishing’ it.

It is small, quartz, and has a soft and waterproof resin case. The strap is also made of resin for waterproofing. The entire watch should be strong enough to withstand farm work while also being simple to clean.

Timex Ironman Essential 30 

Can You Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

This watch may be suitable if you prefer a watch with a modern and minimal appearance. The watch is also larger, comfortably fitting a larger wrist.

The watch has a smooth surface, a silicon casing, and a silicone strap. The silicone strap wraps around the watch, creating an all-silicone exterior surface. 

This ensures waterproofing as well as ease of cleaning. This surface will also keep the watch from quickly picking up scratches and nicks.

Scoreband Play

Can You Wear A Watch To Play Soccer

The watch is narrow, small, and light. It also has a band-like appearance rather than a traditional watch. It is also sweatproof and easy to clean due to its all-silicone construction.

The soft silicone also resists scratches and knicks and does not injure other players. For improved shock resistance, the watch employs a digital quartz movement.

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